Smart Dimming


Ambient Light Solution

With the growing size of automotive digital displays, drivers will have greater difficulty to quickly and accurately interpret the content on these displays under bright light conditions. Meeting the ISO-15008 contrast standard, when bright light is shining on these displays, is presenting a challenge to automotive OEMs. At night these larger displays are also emitting more cabin light which diminishes the driver’s night vision. Driving the display brightness to maximum does not solve the contrast challenge and it creates additional problems such as increased display power consumption, reduced battery life in electric vehicles and increased heat dissipation cost. IRYStec Smart Dimming Software Development Kit addresses these problems via its lightweight algorithms that adapt the color & contrast of the displayed content to match how our eyes work in bright and dark driving environments. It is part of a family of patent pending MYdisplay software products licensed to automotive OEMs & Tier-1s running on IRYStec MYdisplay.

Improved Driver Safety

IRYStec Smart Dimming technology processes critical information displayed on the driver’s instrument cluster and infotainment display. It dynamically adapts to the lighting conditions, including direct sunlight and dark environments, to ensure that the screen visibility is optimized for fast data interpretation, improving safety for drivers and passengers.

Enhanced User Experience

IRYStec Smart Dimming advanced image processing ensures a flawless, high
fidelity in-car viewing experience. Every interaction between the driver and the latest displayed applications is seamless and allows to convey a clear message of exclusivity, brand alignment and unmatched attention to detail.

Optimized Display Life Cycle 

IRYStec Smart Dimming smart technology optimizes the displayed content pixel by pixel, in real-time and according to the hardware of choice, which positively impacts on the lifetime of the display and enables more cost-effective panel alternatives

    Faurecias IRYStec’s Smart Dimming technology has been named 2021 Automotive News PACE award winner.