Perceptual Image Quality Assessment

Today, no standard metric is available to measure the “perceived quality” of images, displays or users display experience. Perceptual Image Quality Assessment (PIQA) is based on subjective evaluations performed on thousands of users, objective image processing metrics and display quality metrics with a focus on providing a framework to include subjective evaluations into measurable metrics  for comparison and standardization of measurements. 

PIQA is a peer reviewed published approach using novel AI-based techniques to simulate and measure perceptual quality of displays in various lighting conditions. It generates simulated images as they would be shown on the target display for the selected lighting conditions. It also computes metrics that measure the perceived quality of the test images compared to the references.  

PIQA is display and content agnostic and applicable on all available & future display types regardless of their resolution or technology. 


Improved UI/UX designs

Perceived quality thresholds for the UI content